unit 2 lect 16 - Lecture 16 Reading: Biol 002 2-23-07...

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Lecture 16 Biol 002 2-23-07 Reading: Chapter 13: Chapter 13: 257-258, 261, 267-274 Chapter 12: Figs. 12.2, 12.4, 12.6, 12.10, 12.13 Also read the file "Recombination-Raven8" that is included in the "Other Reading and Viewing" for unit 2. Topics: The chromosome theory of genetics: genetic linkage genetic recombination genetic mapping Nondisjunction of chromosomes and its consequences (learn from reading on your own) Just as with mathematics, it is essential to practice genetics by doing problems. For this reason, you should work the problems at the end of Chapter 13. I. Another look at epistasis (p. 257-258) What colors do you expect in the parents (AAbb and aaBB) if the intermediate is orange? colorless → orange → purple gene A gene B enzyme 1 enzyme 2 What color(s) would the F1 generation show? What ratios of colors would the F2 generation show? Does it make sense to say that gene A is epistatic on gene B? Genetic determination of mammalian fur color (p. 258) provides more practice in epistasis II. X-linked traits in humans (p. 261, 269) Note how pedigree analysis can reveal whether a trait is recessive and whether it is sex-linked example of pedigree analysis? (Fig. 13.23) What are the patterns of inheritance of an X-linked trait? Examples in humans:
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unit 2 lect 16 - Lecture 16 Reading: Biol 002 2-23-07...

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