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Effort across the elements is generally different and

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Unformatted text preview: ffort across the elements is generally different and can be greater in either element E. None of the above 34. Consider the simple model of elimination of a drug from blood plasma discussed in class in which the characteristic elimination time is t=10 minutes. If the algebraic expression for injection rate (mg/min) of the drug is given by: U(t) = 5mg (t) + 2mg (t -10) where t is time in minutes. The mass of drug (mg) in the plasma at t=5 minutes is: A. 5exp(-1/2)+2exp(-2) 5exp(-1) B. C. 5exp(-1/2) D. 5exp(-1/2)+2exp(-2) E. None of the above Name: __________________________________ 35. Consider the diffusion of oxygen through a cell membrane that is well described by Fick's law. If the flow rate into the cell membrane is 1 pico-mole/(cm2s) and the concentration gradient across the membrane is 1 nano-mole/(mlcm), the diffusion constant is: A. 103 cm2/s B. 10-3 cm2/s C. 1 cm2/s D. 10-6 cm2/s E. None of the above 36. In EFDM paradigm, diffusivity of oxygen in the preceding problem is a: A. Resist...
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