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If this surfactant was suddenly removed from the lung

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Unformatted text preview: s surfactant was suddenly removed from the lung alveoli, the lung would: A. Expand B. Remain the same volume C. Collapse D. None of the above Name: __________________________________ 41. In the swinging limb example in the mechanical rotation domain, the resistance of the limb has (MKS) units of (N is a Newton): A. Nms B. Nm/s C. Nm2s D. Nms/kg E. None of the above 42. In an RLC analog circuit for the swinging limb, measurement of the effort across the compliant element is proportional to: A. Angular rotation B. Angular velocity C. Angular acceleration D. None of the above 43. In the model of blood perfusion of an organ an expression was written for the impulse response function. The impulse response function was of the form: In this expression, the terms in the sum represent the impulse responses of: A. B. C. D. The input artery to the organ The output vein of the organ The parallel branches of the capillary bed within the organ None of the above 44. The hV(t) term in the equation above represents the impulse response of: A. The input...
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