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None of the above 11 growth hormone is released from

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Unformatted text preview: tin E. None of the above 11. Growth hormone is released from: A. Liver B. Thyroid C. Hypothalmus D. Anterior Pituitary E. None of the above 12. The simplest electrical analog model of a blood vessel we discussed in class consists of a resistor and capacitor. The simple analog model most resembles a: A. Differentiator or high pass filter B. Integrator or low-pass filter C. A simple operational amplifier D. A variable compliance element E. None of the above 13. You are given some data related to the concentration of two hormones over time recorded from 100 women after delivery of a child. You are asked to construct a model for the data. Based on the information given you would construct a: A. Physiological derived model B. Data derived model C. Parameter-identification model D. Analog circuit model E. None of the above 14. In a simple inverting operational amplifier, which one of the following is true compared to the open loop response: A. The gain is increased and the bandwidth is decrea...
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