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None of the above 27 for a nonlinear capacitive

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Unformatted text preview: None of the above 27. For a nonlinear capacitive element, the instantaneous compliance is: A. Is the slope of the effort (Y-axis) vs. displacement (X-axis) B. Is the slope of the displacement (Y-axis) vs. effort (X-axis) C. Is the effort divided by the displacement D. Is the displacement divided by the effort E. None of the above 28. In the Fourier transform of continuous functions, the exponential term in the integrand in the forward and inverse transforms have: A. Both have a negative sign B. Both have a positive sign C. One has a positive sign while the other has a negative sign D. None of the above 29. Suppose a model system has a complex transfer function given by H(f). The impulse response of the model system is given by: A. |H(f)| B. arg(H(f)) (i.e., the phase of H(f)) C. The inverse Fourier transform of H(f) D. The auto-correlation function of H(f) E. None of the above 30. Consider an inertial element in the cardiovascular domain where the effort in mmHg and displacement is ml....
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