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Which tumor o situximal antibody for egfr what we put

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Unformatted text preview: anted to preferentially deposit these in the tumor region o Pancreatic cancer – one of most difficult to treat (not many blood vessels) à༎ diff. to get drugs o Injected mouse with nanoplates, imaged 4 hours after injection (diff. colors of laser as excitation) §༊ Measured optical absorption at different wavelengths…oxy. Blood (red), deoxy blood (blue), or nanoparticles (yellow) o 3D movie o Had difficult time getting these to the tumor (only on one side of the tumor) o Using imaging methods, can track delivery to the tumor D o Photo acoustic signal at single wavelength o Use multiple wavelengths of PA signal to deconvolve signal from each component o Didn’t do any kind of molecular targeting – accumulated in tumor because recruited to make leaky vasculature (VCR effect??) Molecular Targeting vs Sensing o Other reasons why contrast agent could be there o Using gold nano spheres to try to do this Gold nano spheres o Stabilized with PEG and EGFR o Rd glass has nano spheres in it Interactions o Interesting interactions with cells o Not targeted with EGFR o Cells turn bright yellow o Something changes optically between targeted and non- targeted particles Nanoparticles – aggregate, sense this inside the cell o Can’t see this in ultrasound o At 680, contrast reversed..only see aggregated particles at 680 nm • o • • • • • • • • • Undergoing EGFR- mediated endocytosis §༊ Because aggregate so closely, why we see this chip o Surface plasmons can jump from particle to particle ??? In Vivo Cancer Model o Tumor model – on rear flank of mouse o Injected particles o Did histology o A431 - overexp positive cancer line o - normal expression D o Dark spots correspond where would expect to see gold D o Photoacoustic image over 4 hours, increases à༎ suggests accumulation of nanoparticles D o Deconvolute what’s Hb, HbO2, and nanoparticles D o Nanoparticles accumulated over time o Actually int...
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