Absorption wavelength molec targeted o nanoparticles

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Unformatted text preview: §༊ Beer’s law – not best, but simplest • Decaying exponential term – decays as get into tissue • Mu effective – analogous to absorption coefficient Absorption vs Scattering o Anything that has color – generates photoacoustic contrast §༊ Red because absorbing all light except red light à༎ transmits to eyes §༊ Photoacoustic imaging – interested in this, it’s generating our contrast o Milk – so strongly scattering (white – all different wavelengths scattered) Equation o It’s the pressure at your absorber, still has to travel back to your transducer (more acoustic scattering this time) Optical absorption o Generating photo. Contrast o Very wavelength- dependent o Oxygenative vs deoxygenated o Can use diff. spectrum to differentiate between nanoparticles which have distinct absorption spectrum from blood in the area o Tissue optical window – do between 700- 1200 nm – best penetration depth, minimum tissue absorption o Can tune nanoparticles to absorb here Plasmon Resonance o 3 charges on surface – oscillate up and down with electric field §༊ Oscillation results in heat generation (light à༎ heat) §༊ Efficient process (absorb fiver orders of magnitude more than clinical dye) • • • • • • • • Metallic Nanoparticle… o Lots of different types o By changing shape, change where they absorb o Get shifted to higher wavelength because of aspect ratio §༊ Longer nanorod à༎ corresponds to longer resonant wavelength à༎ inc. absorption wavelength Molec. Targeted o Nanoparticles inc. to 100 deg C within short period of time à༎ melt them o Thus, silica coat them (allows them to transmit heat to tissue very efficiently) §༊ Burn tissue? Orthotropic Pancreatic Cancer o Targeted to EGFR (associated with many types of cancer and often over- expressed), w...
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