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IT 205 week 8 Assignment Hardware replacement project
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IT205 Hardware Replacement Project Hardware Replacement Project Jason Davis IT 205 March 3, 2010 Donna Rosentrater How do the five major variables of project management- scope, time, cost, quality, and risk – relate to this scenario? Scope:
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IT205 Hardware Replacement Project When deciding what needs to be replaced for the upgrade the IT department will need to review the existing hardware for compatibility. If any hardware or software is not compatible it must be reviewed and suggestions for replacements be suggested. Time: What would be the timeframe for implementation of the new CRM solution and the replacement of those systems and hardware not compatible with the solution? Also is there any point in time where the current business systems would be inaccessible, if so can the implementation be completed at a time to lessen the impact on the day-to-day business. Cost: What is the total expenditure for implementing the CRM software in the business? Also what are the projected costs for replacing hardware and software incompatible with the CRM solution? After these costs do you foresee any possible costs not expected by the proposed replacement items? Also what investment is required to train employee’s in the new solution and how it is different from the existing infrastructure. Another important cost to consider is the long term maintenance and support required. Can the existing IT department administrate and maintain the systems or is a third part vendor required?
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IT205 Hardware Replacement Project Quality: Once the CRM system is in place along with all necessary upgrades now will speed of network and resources available on the network be affected? The employee’s
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