2 general population increase which puts a lot of

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Unformatted text preview: rban overcrowding facing new kinds of problems (need for urban jobs, infrastructure & utilities, problems with crimes and population densities)... 2) general population increase which puts a lot of pressure on resources accordinglydeath rates drop, but fertility rates remain demographic transition Source: Population Action International; Population Reference Bureau 6 ! population growth rates Source: MSN Encarta urbanization Source: Population Reference Bureau 7 ! urbanization Source: Population Reference Bureau growth and age distribution Source: Pearson Education As you undergo the demographic transition, its not just that the size increases, but the age distribution changes as well... what becomes important is dependency rations (how many people are working vs. how many people are being supported by those working) i.e. in Kenya a high dependency ratio because most of population is under 15 When dependency ratio is declining- it provides for many economic opportunities, but it doesn't last and it becomes harder later to finance medicare/ welfare programs... not so much money going in as money going out... in theory, places like the middle east should be taking advantage of it, but the problem is that in the middle east, there is a lot of youth unemployment as well... in a couple decades, the problem gets worse... need to reap benefits while you can 8 ! 1965 1997 agriculture (% labour force) 72% 40% industry (% labour force) 11% 23% services (% labour force) 17% 37% urban (% population) 24% 51% (2010) 9 !...
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