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this sector sops up the unemployed a walk in cairo

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Unformatted text preview: onomy.... in the developing world this is important because in rural-urban migration, most people end up here first... this sector sops up the unemployed a walk in Cairo… class inequality As development occurs, inequality gets worse for a period until it gets better Mumbai, India Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3 ! Egypt (1952) Nicaragua (1972) In Egypt, the middle landowners came out on top... kept land and took political power (conservatives)... half of the seats in Egypt's parliament are workers and farmers, but this is a very vague category Rural inequality can be very substantial... just looking at these Nigaraguan statistics 4 ! Lowest= East asia, because of significant land reform, so much lower levels of rural inequality rural inequality The inequality of Latin America is a function of the nature of colonialism & the histories of slavery/ marginalized indigenous populations Levels of income inequality are least in Western Europeindustrialized and have extensive tax system Source: International Labour Organization gini coefficients inequality #'s/gini coefficients are not available or are unreliable- difficulty of collecting the data and often regimes are hesitant to publish accurate numbers ... its not a figure regi...
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