The equation for dynamic energy is e

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Unformatted text preview: CE 4610/5610 Assignment 1 Answers 3 1.13a If you were choosing just based on overall SPEC performance, which would you chose and why? Note that this part of the question refers to the overall SPEC performance. Using Figure 1.14 on page 35 in fourth edition or Figure 1.17 on page 43 in fifth edition, the last column gives the Itanium/Opteron SPECRatios. The bottom line is the geometric mean of all benchmarks, which is the overall score. The Itanium executes 1.3 times faster overall. 1.13b What is the weighted average of execution time ratios for this mix of applications for the Opteron and Itanium 2? Note that this part of the question refers to the weighted average of the execution time ratios of the processors. You cannot use the direct execution times in the weighted average as the reference length of time differs for each benchmark and that skews the effectiveness of the weights given to each benchmark. Therefore, take the weighted average of the Itanium/Opteron SPECRatios for the 3 benchmarks: WA = .60 * 0.92 + .2 * 1.03 + .2 *...
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