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This means the write 25 pts buffer is also stalled

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Unformatted text preview: in the buffer could be as effective as a larger buffer in a blocking system. Fewer entries means a smaller, faster, lower cost write Then again, a non-blocking system may allow the processor to provide more data to the write buffer, thereby requiring the same number of entries as a blocking system. This is a perfect question for architectural simulation of benchmarks! Can a non-blocking system maintain performance with fewer write buffer entries as compared to a blocking system? 2.19 Energy to copy 8 Gbytes of DRAM to Flash: 64 byte line requires 2.56 uJ for flash and 0.5 nJ for 25 pts DRAM. The combined energy is 2.5605 uJ per 64-byte cacheline. We can ignore the DRAM contrib...
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