4YearCourses - ORF307-EGR307_S2008 Optimization Alexandre...

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ORF307-EGR307_S2008 Optimization Alexandre d'Aspremont Optimization of deterministic systems, focusing on linear programming. Model formulations, the simplex method, sensitivity analysis, duality theory, network models, nonlinear programming. Applications to a variety of problems in optimal allocation of resources, transportation systems, and finance. POL349_S2008 Political Economy Scott Ashworth Examines the role of political institutions in facilitating or hindering economic prosperity. We start with the basic tools of political economy - collective action, elections, and delegation. These tools are then applied to the problems of controlling rulers, and the persistence of inefficiency. SPA103_F2007 Intensive Beginner's and Intermediate Spanish Antonio Calvo, Carmen Santa-Cruz An intensive course that covers SPA 101 and SPA 102 in one semester. Designed for students who have previously studied Spanish. An integrated approach that emphasizes developing and reinforcing language skills focusing on
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ORF 307 taught by Professor Alexandrew.d'aspremont during the Fall '08 term at Princeton.

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4YearCourses - ORF307-EGR307_S2008 Optimization Alexandre...

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