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module 1 s - Engl 208 The main characters in"Macbeth"The...

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Engl 208 The main characters in “Macbeth”, “The Insider”, and “The Glass Menagerie” all face important moral decision. In “Macbeth,” Macbeth, the antagonist, is swayed by Lady Macbeth to commit a spree of murders. In contrast, in “The Insider,” Jeffery Wigand is swayed by “60 Minutes” producer Lowell Bergman to become a whistle-blower and tell the public the truth about big tobacco. Finally, in “The Glass Menagerie” Amanda Wingfield, the mother, tries to convince her son Tom to stay home and support the family. In “Macbeth” the moral choices that Macbeth must make begin with the prophesies of the three witches. At first Macbeth is reluctant to murder King Duncan in order to take the throne of Scotland. However, Lady Macbeth acts as a catalyst, immediately pushing Macbeth to murder Duncan—doubting his masculinity, and conceiving an plan to murder Duncan and blame it on servants.
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