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module 3 - Engl 208 Initially in a Soldier's Play Captain...

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Engl 208 Initially in a Soldier’s Play Captain Davenport suspects a white culprit in the murder of black Sergeant Waters. Davenport expects the murder to be racially motivated in a segregated army. However Captain Davenport is determined to have justice and in the pursuit of it, discovers that his initial suspicion was incorrect. From his investigation he learns that Waters was spiteful to southern blacks, who he thought were lazy and perpetuated negative stereotypes for his race. Because of Water’s belittling attitude towards blacks one of his own men turned on him to murder him, proving that it was not a black and white race issue. However I believe it is telling of the race issues in the army that the rest of the African American company died in a futile attack in Germany. In Twelve Agree Men justice is again blinded by assumptions and prejudices. Eleven of the Jurors are willing immediately to condemn the boy from the slums who has
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