Session 21.22.Designing Message RC Efforts

Create an expert model of the risk based on review of

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Unformatted text preview: Create an expert model of the risk Based on review of current scientific literature and expert knowledge of the risk  Identifies major causal factors and relations among them (could help quantify risk)  Several rounds of review involved Wildland Fire Expert Mental Model 2. Conduct Interviews  Design and administer interviews Open-ended, non-leading questions based on concepts illustrated in expert model   Start very broad, gradually get more detailed What are all of the different ways that forest fires might get started?  What are all of the different ways that people might start forest fires?  Are there ways that people might start a forest fire unknowingly, or accidentally?  2. Conduct Interviews Construct individual mental models for each interview subject   Illustrates correct and incorrect beliefs Analysis: how well do the audience-focused mental models match the comprehensive expert model?  Sample Non-Expert Mental Model 3. Confirmatory Assessment How prevalent are these information and communication needs among the population? Questionnaire or survey of a larger sample, designed around the findings of the MM interviews Confirmatory Assessment 4. Design...
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