Session 21.22.Designing Message RC Efforts

Design risk communication based on results from

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Unformatted text preview: Risk Communication  Based on results from interviews and confirmatory assessment  Emphasizes those information needs that are most important to enhance the decision-making process  Addresses any misconceptions that were found 4. Design Risk Communication Pretend that you are in charge of developing a RC effort aimed at WUI residents  Consider the following questions and come up with a list of three recommendations for future RC efforts  Where is there agreement in the models? Identifies Where areas that no longer need to be covered is there disagreement in the models? Identifies areas that should be the focus of future RC Combined Expert and Mental Model 5. Evaluate Risk Communication Test and refine the communication/DM strategy  May use one-on-one interviews, focus groups, or problem-solving tasks with a sample of the target population  How do we present what people need to know? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Defining (or framing) risk is an exercise in power: (s)he who sets the definition, controls how (or if) risk is managed Risk Frames Risks in Coal Mining Deaths per Year Mortality Deaths per Ton Mined 1900 1970 Risk Frames I: Qualitative The risk of dying is “small” Write down the probability of that risk Risk Frames I: Qualitative The risk of dying is “large” Risk Frames I: Qualitative The risk of dying is “miniscule” Risk Frames I: Qualitative There is a “moderate” risk of dying Risk Frames I: Qualitative The risk of dying is “very high” Risk Frames I: Qualitative Is the death of a child the same as the death of an elderly per...
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