Session 21.22.Designing Message RC Efforts

Guidelines for designing warnings salience color

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Unformatted text preview: makes it effective. Guidelines for Designing Warnings Salience – Color, borders, visuals, bold print, size, contrast Wording – Signal word, Hazard ID, explain consequences & what to do Layout and placement – Simple and near hazard Pictorial symbols – Visual aids Auditory warnings – When environment is cluttered & message short Personal factors – Age, ethnicity, gender, familiarity Tobacco warning labels (soon to appear in the U.S.!) Shown to be very effective at increasing likelihood of reading, comprehension, recall and compliance due to: Color Positioning Size Unambiguous Clear nature of message representation of potential consequences Graphic nature of images through a tracheotomy instead of their nose or mouth. But the proposed labels are not as gruesome as some mandated in Europe, in which ghastly photos of blackened teeth and F.D.A. Unveils Proposed Graphic Warning Labels for give LogHalloween aspect to cigaretten packs.acebook in to see what your friends Log I With F decaying mouths a are sharing on Cigarette Packs Privacy Policy | What’s This ? “Today marks an important milestone in protecting our children and the health of the What’s Popular the American public,” Kathleen S...
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