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Unformatted text preview: ebelius ,Now secretary of health and human services, said Wednesday. The Hijacked Cats Drink Using Commission the Tip of the Tongue, The United States was the first country to require tobacco products to bear health Engineers Find warnings, and all cigarette packages now sold in the country have modest ones like “Surgeon General’s Warning: Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema , and May Complicate Pregnancy .” W ell But 39 other countries have gone well beyond such brief warnings and now require large, R graphic depictions ofCar rots:12, aw, R1oasted, B aked and Sim m er announcement, the United smoking’s010, 1:47 A M effects. With Wednesday’s ed November 2 States — whose first European settlements in the 17th century helped to create and feed The Cost of D iabetes Care November 12, 2010, 1 a AM a global tobacco addiction — edged0:11step closer to joining those nations’ efforts to Cooking L ight's N o ­ M eat Thanksgiving M eal reduce the centuries ­ old epidemic of tobacco ­ related deaths. November 11, 2010 D r owning in a Sea of H ealth Com plaints Three of the 36 proposed new warning labels for cigarette packaging. By GARDINER HARRIS Published: November 10, 2010 WASHINGTON — Federal drug regulators on Wednesday unveiled 36 proposed warning labels for cigaret...
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