Session 21.22.Designing Message RC Efforts

The behaviors said dr lawrencerdeyton director

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Unformatted text preview: by providing graphic “Sometimes images that are not as graphic may be more powerful in terms of changing reminders of tobacco’s dangers. The behaviors,” said Dr. Lawrence R. Deyton, director Advertise Food and Drug Administration’s of the on labels are required under a law passed Center for Tobacco Products . pinion Today E- Mail Get the O last year that gave the Food and Drug Sign up for the highlights of the day in Opinion, sent Administration the power to regulate, The F.D.A. has hired a company to fternoons. 18,000 smokers to determine which labels weekday a survey but not ban, tobacco products for the first time. might be most effective in getting smokers to quit and preventing adolescents from See Sample | Privacy Policy Public health officials hope that the newstarting. Results were expected to be published within weeks and will be used along with labels will re ­ What makes an RC effort successful? Success defined by:  A raised level of understanding Action based on appropriate understanding  Satisfaction with level of knowledge  Awareness of the implications of action or inaction  Success does not guarantee:  A maximization of general welfare Better risk management  Consensus  Uniform behavior  No conflict ...
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