Session 21.22.Designing Message RC Efforts

This is the most important 1change in cigarette

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Unformatted text preview: te packages, including one showing a toe tag on a corpse and another in which a mother blows smoke on her baby. “This is the most important 1change in cigarette health warnings in the history of the November 1, 2010 Food and Drug Administration United States,” said Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco ­ Free A Star Chef Celebr ates F all V egetables November 10, 2010 Kids . Studies suggest that pictorial warnings are better at getting the attention of adolescents RECOMMEND than ones that feature only text; make smokers more likely to skip the cigarette they had TWITTER planned to smoke and more likely to quit; and make adolescents less likely to start COMMENTS smoking. (624) SIGN IN TO E- Enlarge This Image Erica Freudenstein A cigarette label proposed by the F.D.A. gets right to the point. But health officials said there was some evidence that the most gruesome images, while MAIL Designed to cover half the surface memorable, are dismissed sooner by smokers. Health Canada recently backed away from PRINT area of a pack or carton of cigarettes , a plan to introduce even more gruesome warnings, earning the government a rebuke and a fifth of any advertisements for REPRINTS from the Canadian Medical Association Journal. them, the labels are intended to spur SHARE smokers to quit...
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