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Genotype – genetic makeup of an organism (letters) Phenotype – outward physical appearance (words) Allele – alternative forms f a gene controlling a given characteristic T=tall t=short Homozygous – pure 2 like alleles for a particular characteristic. Heterozygous – hybrid 2 different alleles for a particular characteristic TT=Homozygous dominant tt= homozygous recessive Tt= heterozygous Gregor Mendel – father of genetics Austrian monk – 1860s worked with garden peas F 1 generation – offspring of first cross made between two parents
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Unformatted text preview: F 2 generation – offspring that result from 1 st filial generation Dominant – determines the phenotype even when there is only one copy (ie heterozygous) Recessive – An allele whose phenotypic effect is not expressed in a heterozygote Why Mendel was successful Used a self-pollinating plant kept accurate data studied specific traits and ignored all others Gene is a unit of hereditary information 1/1...
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