evolution - But most populations remain relatively constant...

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Inheritance of acquired characteristics Evolution is the result of need As simple organisms become more complex, more simple organisms are produced by spontaneous generation (life from non-life) “there is an unconscious striving upward on the Scala Naturae”. Every amoeba is on its way to man. Lamarck’s greatest fallacy – the lack of testable hypotheses Charles Darwin Author of Origin of Species Major weakness in his theory – did not include the mechanism by which traits were inherited Believed inherited variation arose by chance Darwin did not say individuals that survive the process of natural selection were innately superior to each other members of their species. He said they were better adapted to their environment. or more accurately to their parents environment All organisms have the potential for overpopulation
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Unformatted text preview: But most populations remain relatively constant Therefore, there is a struggle for existence Variations among individuals Survival of the fittest by means of natural selection Inheritance of acquired characteristics Speciation Modern Points Stress populations over individuals Cannot inherit acquired characteristics, can only inherit genetic characteristics Evidence of evolution Fossils Comparative anatomy homologous structures 2 structures derived from a common ancestral structure 1/2 homologous = same appearance Analogous = same function Species: populations of organisms capable of interbreeding under natural conditions and producing fertile offspring Hybrid infertility Coevolution: evolution of one species is directed by evolution of second species. 2/2...
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evolution - But most populations remain relatively constant...

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