endocrine - Ovary Hormone – estrogen Function –...

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Exocrine – discharge secretions through ducts (salivary milk, oil, sweat) Endocrine – ductless glands’ discharge secretions directly into the bloodstream Pancreas is both Hormone: Chemical substance produced by an organ or tissue and secreted into the blood to be carried to target organs. We know the actions of hormones from studying the conditions that result from excess or deficiency of the hormone. Bayless and Starling – proved that chemicals in the blood were responsible for activating digestive enzyme production Secretin First hormone to be discovered Stimulates the pancreas but produced by the intestinal wall Parathyroid glands 4 very small glands Attached to the thyroid Regulate blood calcium and phosphorus hormone – parathyroid hormone. Adrenal Gland Hormone – adrenaline produced in the adrenal medulla Function – Speeds up metabolism, “fight or flight”
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Unformatted text preview: Ovary Hormone – estrogen Function – development of secondary sex characteristics in the female Testes Hormone – testosterone 1/2 Function – development of secondary sex characteristics in the male Thyroid Hormone – thyroxine Function – regulates the rate of metabolism Hyperthyroidism – overproduction of the thyroid / symptoms: nervous, sweating, warm, HTN, weight loss Hypothyroidism – too little thyroxine / symptoms: low metabolism, overweight, decreased respiration, cold, tired, sluggish Goiter – enlarged thyroid related to lack of iodine in the diet Cretinism – physical and mental retardation caused by insufficient thyroxine in children Pituitary The pituitary gland consists of two lobes, is located in the center of the head, and is about the size of a pea 2/2...
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endocrine - Ovary Hormone – estrogen Function –...

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