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Papers: Problem or solution – write paper without assumption of reader’s knowledge, anyone can read and understand, Keen (psyc of aggression film): context of example is necessary i.e. using cartoon - who is cartoonist and where was it published, dualism, propaganda, paranoia, projection; propaganda: manipulates fear due to projection, makes us comfortable with fear we have; projection: makes us feel good about selves; dualism: we are good and they are bad by projecting fears onto enemy; paranoia: fueled by propaganda Walter Wink’s Jesus: structures, injustice, alternative moral imagination - different way
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Unformatted text preview: to be and relate; dignity and relationship between oppressor and oppressed; concept of justice: what must happen to a relationship to regain dignity and equality, Jewish concept of justice from torah how we treat orphans and strangers, widows and the poor population, Way of being is Jesus practice through compassion not control of change, different way of living knowing people may reject it, difficult because one isnt looking for power and will confront many difficulties...
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