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Unformatted text preview: Gerlach Russell Bornschein Jeanne Hankett Joshua Skodack Wendi Hale Andy Crawford Ken Fletcher Yuwei Liu Lauren Soblosky Molly Soper Ben Coupland Hung Ki Yoon Erik Guetsc how Mallory Van Dongen Shi Jin Russell Bornschein TPM W AM W AM W AM W AM W AM W AM W AM W PM W PM W PM W PM W PM W PM W PM Th AM Th AM Th AM Th AM Th AM Section 249 251 311 313 315 317 319 321 323 325 327 329 333 335 339 341 343 345 347 349 GSI Th AM Christina Franzese Th AM Ben Coupland Th PM Mahmoud El Azzouny Th PM Akiko Kochi Th PM Catherine Mocny Th PM Neranga Abeyasinghe Th PM Wencheng Ge Th PM Ping Guo Th PM Shuai Niu F AM Wen Wen F AM Charity Haynes F AM Catherine Mocny F AM Deidra Gerlach F AM Joshua Skodack F AM Kristin Ko F AM Andy Crawford F AM Kevin Hartman F AM Russell Borenschein F AM Ying Zhou F AM Jeanne Hankett For use by grader Page Points Score 15 Name: 2 GSI: 3 Section: 4 06 07 14 5 e-mail: 11 14 6 10 7 12 8 Bonus Total Page 1/10 (+03) 75 (+03) Name: ___________________________________page 2/10 Question 1 (15 points) asks you to make predictions based on your knowledge of periodic trends and the relationship of structure to properties and reactivity. Pe...
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