Fall 2010 - Name_page 1/10 Chemistry 125/126 Exam 1 Tuesday...

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Name: ___________________________________page 1/10 Page 1/10 Chemistry 125/126, Exam 1 Tuesday, November 9, 2010 Welcome to the first hourly exam for Chemistry 125/126. This exam contains … It is 10 pages long; 8 pages of questions, a cover page, and one page with periodic tables (page 10). A few notes about the exam . To receive credit, your answers must be … show your calculations; you will not receive credit for numerical answers alon e. Do not write in any box marked " For use by grader ". The exam should take about l hour, however, you may use up to 1.5 hours to complete the exam. All exams … Save any questions you have … GSIs have been told not to answer questions during the exam. Your graded exam will be available starting tomorrow. If, after checking the exam key, you feel there was a mistake in grading, please turn your exam in to Prof. Kerner (mailbox 1500o chem.) with a statement describing the mistake. Regrades must be turned in by noon, Monday, Nov. 22, 2010. Course’Information ’ Section GSI Section GSI Section GSI 111 M AM Hung Ki Yoon 151 TPM Shi Jin 249 Th AM Christina Franzese 113 M AM Kristen Ko 211 W AM Wen Wen 251 Th AM Ben Coupland 115 M AM Mallory Van Dongen 213 W AM Akiko Kochi 311 Th PM Mahmoud El Azzouny 117 M AM Deidra Gerlach 215 W AM Kevin Hartman 313 Th PM Akiko Kochi 119 M AM Lauren Soblosky 217 W AM Deidra Gerlach 315 Th PM Catherine Mocny 121 M AM Christina Franzese 219 W AM Russell Bornschein 317 Th PM Neranga Abeyasinghe 123 M AM Shuwen Sun 221 W AM Jeanne Hankett 319 Th PM Wencheng Ge 125 T AM Wendi Hale 223 W AM Joshua Skodack 321 Th PM Ping Guo 127 T AM Erik Guetschow 225 W PM Wendi Hale 323 Th PM Shuai Niu 129 T AM Neranga Abeyasinghe 227 W PM Andy Crawford 325 F AM Wen Wen 131 T AM Yuwei Liu 229 W PM Ken Fletcher 327 F AM Charity Haynes 133 T AM Shuwen Sun 231 W PM Yuwei Liu 329 F AM Catherine Mocny 135 T AM Molly Soper 233 W PM Lauren Soblosky 333 F AM Deidra Gerlach 137 T AM Shuai Niu 235 W PM Molly Soper 335 F AM Joshua Skodack 139 T PM Mahmoud El Azzouny 237 W PM Ben Coupland 339 F AM Kristin Ko 141 T PM Charity Haynes 239 Th AM Hung Ki Yoon 341 F AM Andy Crawford 143 T PM Ken Fletcher 241 Th AM Erik Guetsc how 343 F AM Kevin Hartman 145 T PM Ying Zhou 243 Th AM Mallory Van Dongen 345 F AM Russell Borenschein 147 T PM Wencheng Ge 245 Th AM Shi Jin 347 F AM Ying Zhou 149 T PM Ping Guo 247 Th AM Russell Bornschein 349 F AM Jeanne Hankett For use by grader Page Points Score Name: 2 15 GSI: 3 06 Section: 4 07 e-mail : 5 14 11 6 14 7 10 8 12 Bonus (+03) Total 75 (+03)
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Name: ___________________________________page 2/10 Page 2/10 Question 1 (15 points) asks you to make predictions based on your knowledge of periodic trends and the relationship of structure to properties and reactivity. Periodic tables are provided at the back of this exam for your reference.
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Fall 2010 - Name_page 1/10 Chemistry 125/126 Exam 1 Tuesday...

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