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Fall 2010 - Name_page 1/10 Chemistry 125/126 Exam 1 Tuesday...

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Name: ___________________________________page 1/10 Page 1/10 Chemistry 125/126, Exam 1 Tuesday, November 9, 2010 Welcome to the first hourly exam for Chemistry 125/126. This exam contains … It is 10 pages long; 8 pages of questions, a cover page, and one page with periodic tables (page 10). A few notes about the exam . To receive credit, your answers must be … show your calculations; you will not receive credit for numerical answers alon e. Do not write in any box marked " For use by grader ". The exam should take about l hour, however, you may use up to 1.5 hours to complete the exam. All exams … Save any questions you have … GSIs have been told not to answer questions during the exam. Your graded exam will be available starting tomorrow. If, after checking the exam key, you feel there was a mistake in grading, please turn your exam in to Prof. Kerner (mailbox 1500o chem.) with a statement describing the mistake. Regrades must be turned in by noon, Monday, Nov. 22, 2010. Course Information Section GSI Section GSI Section GSI 111 M AM Hung Ki Yoon 151 TPM Shi Jin 249 Th AM Christina Franzese 113 M AM Kristen Ko 211 W AM Wen Wen 251 Th AM Ben Coupland 115 M AM Mallory Van Dongen 213 W AM Akiko Kochi 311 Th PM Mahmoud El Azzouny 117 M AM Deidra Gerlach 215 W AM Kevin Hartman 313 Th PM Akiko Kochi 119 M AM Lauren Soblosky 217 W AM Deidra Gerlach 315 Th PM Catherine Mocny 121 M AM Christina Franzese 219 W AM Russell Bornschein 317 Th PM Neranga Abeyasinghe 123 M AM Shuwen Sun 221 W AM Jeanne Hankett 319 Th PM Wencheng Ge 125 T AM Wendi Hale 223 W AM Joshua Skodack 321 Th PM Ping Guo 127 T AM Erik Guetschow 225 W PM Wendi Hale 323 Th PM Shuai Niu 129 T AM Neranga Abeyasinghe 227 W PM Andy Crawford 325 F AM Wen Wen 131 T AM Yuwei Liu 229 W PM Ken Fletcher 327 F AM Charity Haynes 133 T AM Shuwen Sun 231 W PM Yuwei Liu 329 F AM Catherine Mocny 135 T AM Molly Soper 233 W PM Lauren Soblosky 333 F AM Deidra Gerlach 137 T AM Shuai Niu 235 W PM Molly Soper 335 F AM Joshua Skodack 139 T PM Mahmoud El Azzouny 237 W PM Ben Coupland 339 F AM Kristin Ko 141 T PM Charity Haynes 239 Th AM Hung Ki Yoon 341 F AM Andy Crawford 143 T PM Ken Fletcher 241 Th AM Erik Guetsc how 343 F AM Kevin Hartman 145 T PM Ying Zhou 243 Th AM Mallory Van Dongen 345 F AM Russell Borenschein 147 T PM Wencheng Ge 245 Th AM Shi Jin 347 F AM Ying Zhou 149 T PM Ping Guo 247 Th AM Russell Bornschein 349 F AM Jeanne Hankett For use by grader Page Points Score Name: 2 15 GSI: 3 06 Section: 4 07 e-mail : 5 11 6 14 7 10 8 12 Bonus (+03) Total 75 (+03)
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Name: ___________________________________page 2/10 Page 2/10 Question 1 (15 points) asks you to make predictions based on your knowledge of periodic trends and the relationship of structure to properties and reactivity.
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