Statement 1 the absorption spectrum for the diluted

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Unformatted text preview: n spectrum for the diluted sample will have absorption values = 1/3 the values shown in the above spectrum. 2. The absorptivity coefficient, Ε, increases from λ 400 to λ 450, in the absorption spectrum for the diluted sample. Correct Not Correct 4 points Page 4/10 Name: ___________________________________page 5/10 C. What is the slope of the above calibration graph line (λ=600 nm) in units of absorbance/M? slope = _______ abs/M 2 points D. You produce a second calibration graph for Trans Ion at λ=450 nm. You use the same samples, sample holder, and spectrophotometer. Will the slope of the resulting calibration graph line be more, less, or the same as the above calibration line at λ=600 nm? Indicate (circle) if the slope of calibration graph line at λ=450 will be more than less than the same as the slope at λ=600 3 points E. Use the Beer-Lambert Law and the above calibration graph to determine the unknown concentration (M) of a solution of Trans Ion that has an absorbance of 0.30 at λ = 600 nm. Show all calculations for credit. You will not get credit for numerical answers alone. Trans Ion M = ______...
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