Trans ion m m 3 points f you determine that a diluted

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Unformatted text preview: M 3 points F. You determine that a diluted sample of Trans Ion has a concentration = 0.25 M. You diluted the sample by adding 5.0 mL of water to 1.0 mL of Trans Ion solution. What is the concentration (M) of the original undiluted solution of Trans Ion? Show your calculations below. Trans Ion M = _______M 3 points Page 5/10 Name: ___________________________________page 6/10 Question 4 (18 points) deals with your teams’ analysis of the reaction between 10 mL of 0.10M copper (II) bromide and 10 mL of 0.10M rubidium iodide: CuBr2 (aq) + RbI (aq) → precipitate and color change A. You hypothesize that "Cu2+ is critical to formation of the precipitate and the color change". 1. What test reaction, by itself, could you use to directly prove if the hypothesis is true or false? Record the specific reagents you will combine to test the hypothesis: _________________ + _________________ 3 points 2. If your hypothesis is true what will you observe? Expected observations if the hypothesis is true: 3 points B. You add different solvents to portions of the product mixture. Based on your studies of salt solubility in different solvents, indicate if the amount of precipitate will decrease, increase, or remain the same upon adding hexane or acetone. 1. Upon adding h...
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