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3_25_08 - “Guerrilla Warfare” from Just and Unjust War...

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Vietnam war: us provide support for small group of Vietnamese political elites, jfk increased us forces in Vietnam, 1965 Johnson sent 500,000 us forces to Vietnam as our side begins to lose war, over 58,000 Americans died, Vietnam lost over 1 million mostly between ‘65 and ‘67, army had rules for engaging with enemy, guerilla forces – don’t dress as military; engage combat informally; surprise attacks in towns cities and rural areas to attack under disguise, us military in Vietnam follow international law of war, drop leaflets on town telling civilians to leave before bombing, written in English which people did not read so they didn’t get message, use loud speakers and translators fail because of lack of knowledge in language, both options create confusion for civilians, massive bombing causes environmental devastation as well still being seen today,
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Unformatted text preview: “Guerrilla Warfare” from Just and Unjust War describes how US military rules of engagement failed to meet civilian solider distinction and proportionality, rewrote rules of engagement, follow international law and create just war, when Vietnamese had to leave town they were taken to refugee camp while their village was being bombed, can’t return to agricultural work because lands were devastated, failed to meet criteria of proportionality and devastated future of Vietnam, 1970s us military change rules of engagement, recognize problems and wrote new approach to counter guerilla warfare, not using primarily military force, focused on necessity in becoming engaged with civilians practically and knowing history/culture, gain political strength, Gen David Petraeus wrote dr. dissertation on Vietnam about understanding failures in Vietnam,...
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