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3_27_08_notes - Final Paper Darfur China will not agree...

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Final Paper: Darfur China will not agree with UN decision to stop war initially (early 2000’s), agreed under conditions that only African troops can be sent in early 2008 Greatest genocide in history Women raped, forced from hope, troops can claim any land they pillage Not affecting inner city and riding nation of “undesirables” or less civilized people Where are the “front line” war reports? Resources: BBC, other countries’ news, compare to CNN and MSNBC Phil Donahue first media person fired during war coverage, highest rated program on MSMB, only person to oppose war, document leaked “We don’t want this to be a face of MSNBC as we are going into war”, gvt and advertiser pressure to not raise tough questions and unanimously support troops, others followed for opposing war, supporting war = anti-biased and praised, memo sent telling anchors to remind people that dying people must die in response to 9/11, seeing only “1 side of story” so they show 9/11
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