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OPIM 1010 2010 Spring Extra Study Problems


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Unformatted text preview: es). How long will he need to leave work for to get a haircut at LHS? Q23 LHS will buy out SHC. LHS will then close SHC’s operations and serve all customers, including existing SHC customers, at the LHS location only. Assuming that the previous traffic of SHC customers now flows to the LHS location, what is the new inter‐arrival time at LHS? Q24 To accommodate the new flow rate, LHS now staffs one additional barber (to increase the headcount to 5). Is the new waiting time at LHS less than or greater than the waiting time of LHS before the merger? (Assume that the coefficient of variation of customer inter‐arrival times is 1). Q25 Consider the following three process designs to organize a call center with 12 employees. The center handles calls for two customer types. Type 1 customers call with credit card related questions and type 2 customers call with questions related to the online account opening. On a busy day the call center receives 60 calls per hour from type 1 customers and...
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