OPIM 1010 2010 Spring Extra Study Problems


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Unformatted text preview: ed alongside a cobblestoned street in Old City, Old City Photographics (OCP) specializes in the processing of the traditional 35mm negative film, a once dominant photographic medium now in decline due to the popularity of digital photography. OCP offers three packages to their customers. With the standard package, the customer gets a set of 6”x4” prints for $19.99. The deluxe package adds to the standard package a CD‐ ROM of high resolution scans of the pictures for $29.99. Finally, the $39.99 pro package is similar to the deluxe package in that it comes with a CD‐ROM, although the customer gets a contact print rather than a set of prints. (A contact print is an 8”x10” sheet of photographic paper that has all pictures on the roll of film printed next to each other at reduced dimensions and is used as an index.) The workflow for OCP is shown below (s=standard, d=deluxe, p=pro): OCP is operated by one person at every station. Q6. On average, OCP receive 13 jobs per hour consisted of 44% standard, 37% deluxe and 19% pro. Which of the following statement best...
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