OPIM 1010 2010 Spring Extra Study Problems


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Unformatted text preview: the service rate, Mr. K’s is considering two alternatives: Alternative I: To hire a new employee to help any one (and only one) of the servers without changing the tasks performed by each server. Alternative II: To redesign the assignment of tasks to servers. For this, Mr. K’s is evaluating to reassign Activity 5 from S3 to S1. What would be the capacity of the process under each of the two alternatives? Assume that the system operates at its capacity. Q4‐Q5 ProofSmart Inc., a supplier of home insulation materials, was burned down in a recent fire. From the remains of what used to be the accounting ledger, the following information was recovered: 2006 2007 Inventory $2,367,121 $2,418,257 Gross Margin 42% 45% Inventory Turns 11 [unreadable] Prior to the fire, ProofSmart saw a sales growth of 48% in 2007, a record performance for the 18 year‐old company. (NOTE: Gross margin is defined as 1‐(COGS/Sales).) Q4. What were the sales for 2007? Q5. What was the inventory turns for 2007? Q6‐Q8 Locat...
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