OPIM 1010 2010 Spring Extra Study Problems


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Unformatted text preview: Activity 4: Perform final checks on loan offer (2 minutes) Activity 5: Call customer back with the new loan offer and close. (4 minutes) The whole process is conducted by three workers in a worker paced line. The assignment of tasks to workers is the following: W1 does Activity 1. W2 does Activities 2 and 3. W3 does Activities 4 and 5. Q15 What is the bottleneck of the process? Q16 How much time will it take to process 100 loans? (Assume that the process starts with an empty production line) Q17 What is the utilization of worker 3? (You can assume that the process operates at capacity and you do not have to consider any empty system effects). Q18 To increase the production rate, One Hour Loan is considering two alternatives: Alternative I: To hire a new worker to help any one (and only one) of the workers without changing the tasks performed by each worker. Alternative II: To redesign the assignment of tasks to workers. For this, the company is evaluating to re‐assign Step 2 from W2 to W1. Suppose that Alternative I is chosen. Which worke...
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