OPIM 1010 2010 Spring Extra Study Problems

Service description time resourceused awalkingbasics

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Unformatted text preview: cured for $10 for one entire year). Q9 How many days, on average, does a product stay in Dirt Cheap’s inventory before it is sold? Assume that stores operate 365 days a year. Q10 How much lower (expressed in $’s) is, on average, the inventory cost for Dirt Cheap compared to Kwiki‐Mart of a house hold cleaner valued at $5 COGS? Assume that the unit cost of the house hold cleaner is the same for both companies and that the price and the inventory turns of an item are independent. Q11‐Q14 Comfy Shoes Inc builds shoes tailored to meet each individual customer’s needs. Customers who visit the downtown offices of Comfy Shoes in Philadelphia can choose one or more of the following four custom‐tailoring services. Customers receive their shoes in the mail within a week of their initial visit. Service Description Time Resource used A. Walking Basics Take measurements for basic 12 min. 1 attendant walking shoes. B. Walking Plus Choose specific design (e.g. material, color selection) 12 min. 1 attendant C. Running Basics T...
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