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3w 66 high resoluon ground elevaon monitor connuously

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Unformatted text preview: cal TCXO) Timer Overflows 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 Compensation Calculations 55 Higher Stability at Lower Cost XCXT 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 56 Oil Field Applica;ons 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 57 Problem Detec;on in Pipelines •  Steamflood system needs to maintain con;nuous delivery of latent heat to all injec;on wells •  Oil pipelines also needs to move the oil •  Use sensor networks to quickly detect opera;onal anomalies that prevent planned delivery of steam •  Benefits –  Help maintain cri;cal flow rate –  Op;mize steam usage: costs $600M/year at SJV •  May also apply to waterflood systems –  the goal is to maintain oil produc;on by quickly detect out ­of ­target injec;on 02/28/2007 Sensor Networks, PTE587, USC 58 Challenges and Approaches •  Major challenges –  Different problems •  Blockage (plugging), leakage, equipment failure –  Various false alarms •  Faulty sensors, changes in steam quality, etc. •  Our approaches –  Use cheap sensors to cover injec;on wells and steam distribu;on pipeline –  Avoid false alarms by combining mul;ple sensor readings –  Process data locally and report excep;ons 02/28/2007 Sensor Networks, PTE587, USC 59 Experience in the Field •  Blockage (plugging) ooen happens at chokes and spli;gators •  Leakage ooen happens at pipeline junc;ons Injection well Splitigator Choke 02/28/2007 Sensor Networks, PTE587, USC 60 Algorithm Design   Explore temporal and spa;al correla;on of sensors   Single ­node Processing ◦  Noise reduc;on ◦  Event detec;on: do I see a problem?   Mul; ­node Collabora;on ◦  Mul; ­sensor valida;on: faulty sensors? ◦  Problem iden;fica;on: real problem or false alarm?   Use a rule ­based decision tree ◦  Problem localiza;on: where is problem origin? 02/28/2007 Sensor Networks, PTE587, USC 61 Applica;on: Oil Field Monitoring •  Problem Detec;on –  Steam Injec;on Choke blockage detec;on –  Detec;ng total or par;al blockages of the choke –  Provide non ­invasive method of detec;on •  Research –  Thermal power harves;ng for sensor nodes...
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