Interacon 3211 usc pte587 11 composion of sensor

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Unformatted text preview: work architecture explora;on 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 9 System Architecture 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 10 System Architecture  Node Architecture ◦  Hardware architecture: how different hardware components interact with each other ◦  Sooware architecture: how sooware pieces are put together for various func;onali;es  Network architecture ◦  How nodes interact through different topologies ◦  How different protocols coordinate such interac;on 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 11 Composi;on of Sensor Networks   Sensor ◦  Detect/Measure Physical Phenomenon ◦  Variety of Responses ◦  Different Types of Sensors   Network ◦  Communica;ons between the Nodes ◦  Mul;ple Wired/Wireless Nodes ◦  Data Distribu;on   Glue Logic ◦  General Purpose Processor ◦  Applica;on Specific Logic ◦  Sooware 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 12 Sensor Network Nodes   Sensing the Environment ◦  Temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc. ◦  Calibra;on   Intelligent Data Processing ◦  Data processing/forming ◦  Detect problems locally or with neighbors ◦  Proac;vely report excep;ons   Collabora;ve Networking ◦  Does not require special infrastructure ◦  Sensor nodes relay data for other nodes 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 13 First Decision: The Central Controller •  What will control the device? •  Modern Microcontroller Sidebar –  What’s inside a microcontroller today? –  What peripheral equipment do you need to support one? –  How do you program one? 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 14 Axes of Microcontroller Diversity •  Flash based vs. SRAM based –  Combina;on of FLASH and CMOS logic is difficult •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Internal vs. External Memory Memory Size Digital Only vs. On ­chip ADC Opera;ng Voltage Range Opera;ng Current, Power States and wake ­up ;mes Physical Size Support Circuitry Required –  External Clocks, Voltage References, RAM •  Peripheral Support –  SPI, USART, I2C, One ­wire •  Cycle Counters •  Capture and Analog Compare •  Tool Chain 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 15 3/2/11 USC  ­ PTE587 16 Second Decision: Radio Technologies •  Major RF Devices –  Co...
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