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Unformatted text preview: initiative to get involved in a program of self‐ and group‐study. Marketing Fundamentals - MARK1012 S1 2011 Page Please be advised that the general education subject, Introduction to Marketing (GENC 6001), is NOT a substitute for Mark 1012. 3 Mark1012 is the first course that you must enrol in if you intend to graduate with a ‘Marketing Major’. As mentioned earlier this course does not have a pre‐ or co‐ requisite; however, it is a prerequisite for all advanced marketing courses: Consumer Behaviour (MARK2051); Marketing Research (MARK2052); Marketing Communications and Promotions Management (MARK 2053); Market Analysis (MARK 3054); Services Marketing and Management (Mark2055): International Marketing (MARK2071); Distribution and Service Management (MARK 3081) and Strategic Marketing Management (MARK 3082) the capstone course. 2.5 Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) MARK1012 has a number of student learning outcomes (SLO) which relate to various graduate attributes of the Australian School of Business. Successful completion of this course should result in these outcomes. Information on the ASB Graduate Attributes and how they align with the UNSW Graduate Attributes (2008) is available on the ASB Graduate Attributes webpage (ASB>Learning and Teaching >Graduate Attributes). Linkages between the SLOs in MARK1012 and the graduate attributes are presented in the following table: No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Graduate Attributes Critical thinking and problem solving Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). develop intellectual skills, particularly the ability to think critically; evaluate key theories and compare and contrast them. develop analytical skills and demonstrated the use of those skills in analysing real life problems, making decisions with respect to various marketing situations. Communication: communicate effectively and confidently in oral and written forms, in various contexts. Complete final written project using skills acquired throughout the course Teamwork and acquire the ability to work with other people and effectively communicate with them; Leadership organize individual and group work to meet deadlines. Social, ethical and global demonstrate your understanding of social, global and ethical perspectives on a range of cultural, perspectives environmental and economic factors that influence the marketing function of the firm in today’s fast changing environment In‐depth engagement acquire an overall working knowledge and understanding of the basic theories, concepts and with relevant disciplinary principles of the marketing discipline and the knowledge approaches and tools used by marketing decision makers and apply them in your practice. understand the importance of customer orientation and how an integrated application of marketing tools can foster profitable exchanges with target customers Professional skills: able to collect, analyse and evaluate information and ideas, and define and solve problems. Marketing Fundamentals - MARK1012 S1 2011 Page 4 Please refer to Table 4.2 (p. 7) to see how the graduate attributes correspond to various assessment modes. 3. LEARNING AND TEAC...
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