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Unformatted text preview: nation. No other form of consideration will be granted. The following procedures will apply: 1. Supplementary exams will be scheduled centrally and will be held approximately two weeks after the formal examination period. The dates for ASB supplementary exams for session 1, 2011 are: 12 July 2011 – exams for the School of Accounting 13 July 2011 – exams for all Schools other than Accounting and Economics 14 July 2011 – exams for the School of Economics If a student lodges a special consideration for the final exam, they are stating they will be available on the above dates. Supplementary exams will not be held at any other time. 2. Where a student is granted a supplementary examination as a result of a request for special consideration, the student’s original exam (if completed) will be ignored and only the mark achieved in the supplementary examination will count towards the final grade. Failure to attend the supplementary exam will not entitle the student to have the original exam paper marked and may result in a zero mark for the final exam. If you are too ill to perform reasonably on the final exam, do not attend the final and apply for a supplementary instead. However granting of a supplementary exam in such cases is not automatic. If a student attends the regular final, s/he is unlikely to be granted a supplementary exam. The ASB’s Special Consideration and Supplementary Examination Policy and Procedures for Final Exams for Undergraduate Courses is available at: taryexamprocedures.pdf. Special consideration and assessments other than the Final exam: Determined by the lecturer‐in‐charge on a case‐by‐case basis. You are expected to conduct yourself with consideration and respect for the needs of your fellow students and teaching staff. If your conduct is unduly disruptive or if it interferes with a class, such as ringing or talking on mobile phones, you may be asked to leave the class. More information on student conduct is available at: Marketing Fundamentals - MARK1012 S1 2011 16 General Conduct and Behaviour Page 8.4 8.5 Occupational Health and Safety UNSW Policy requires each person to work safely and responsibly, in order to avoid personal injury and to protect the safety of others. For more information, see 8.6 Keeping informed You must take note of all announcements made in lectures, tutorials or on the course web site [VISTA]. You will be able to download lecture notes from this site; post and read discussion comments; and view other material that is relevant to the course. It is your responsibility to check the Mark1012 website and your official university Email account. As a matter of policy, we will use and reply to student Email only. Staff will assume that you are up to date with current information and latest announcements. Also, from time to time, the University will send important announcements to your university Email address without providing you with a paper copy. You will be deemed to have received this information. 9. ADDITIONAL STUDENT RESOURCES AND SUPPORT The University and ASB provide a wide range of support services for students, including Learning and Study Support: ASB Education Development Unit (EDU) ( Academic writing, study skills and maths support specifically for ASB students. Services include workshops, online and printed resources, and individual consultations. EDU Office: Room GO7, Ground Floor, ASB Building (opposite Student Centre); Ph: 9385 5584; Email: [email protected] Capturing the Student Voice: An ASB website enabling students to comment on any aspect of their learning experience in the ASB. To find out more, go to fault.aspx. UNSW Learning Centre ( ) Library training and sea...
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