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Unformatted text preview: ns that the statement on the left is true and therefore is of high distinction quality. Ticks to the left within a box are better than ticks to the right. CONTENT ­ (Worth 70%) Question answered and covered in depth Question ignored or superficially answered Convincing & logical argument Rambling argument, neither convincing nor logical Rigorous critique of key concepts Limited demonstration of key concept understanding Original and creative thoughts Little evidence of creative thoughts Critical and evaluative analysis Statement of facts and no analysis of relative importance of issues Fluency, lack of reading, smooth changeover Read from/heavy use of notes, loss of momentum at changeovers Attention grabbing introduction Introduction did not grab attention Answered the question directly Took too long to answer the question Overheads clear, specific, readable Overheads too complex with a lot of words or figures Kept within time limit Went over time PRESENTATION ­ (Worth 30%) 4.2.2 Three Quizzes and Final Exam Marketing Fundamentals - MARK1012 S1 2011 Page In each of weeks 4, 7 and 11, there would be a 20‐25 minute quiz in your respective tutorial class (end of the session). Quiz 1 (Week 4, tutorial 3) would be based on lecture materials covered during weeks 1, 2 &3; Quiz 2 (Week 7, tutorial 6) will ask questions from materials covered in weeks 4, 5 and 6; finally Quiz 3 (Week 11, tutorial 9) will be based on materials covered in weeks 7, 8, 9 and 10. Each of the first two quizzes is worth 7.5% of the overall 25% quiz component; Quiz 3 is worth 10% of the overall 25% of the quiz component. If you miss any of the quizzes due to reasons acceptable to the university (i.e., medical reasons, compassionate grounds etc.) you would be allowed to take a make‐up quiz in week 13, tutorial 11. You must produce a medical certificate (or other relevant documents) to your tutor. 10 4.2.3 Major Project The major project is a group task that deals with a new product. A separate project brief would be provided to you telling you what to do. This assignment is designed to encourage you to gain as many different perspectives as you can, to work as a group and to develop communication skills. The project has to be completed in two stages; each stage place different emphasis on various performance criteria outlined in the Project Brief. Stage 1 is designed to give you feedback on your background secondary research, depth, relevance and appropriateness of your referencing (5% of your overall grade). Stage 2 (worth 20% of your overall mark) allows you to address any shortcomings in Stage 1, and to build a picture of your assigned product /product category. The final project report presented at the end of Stage 2 incorporates your updated Stage 1. Each group will present the summary of final version of their respective project in Tutorial 11 (Week beginning May 30, 2011) using 3‐4 slides (max 8 minutes). For detailed instructions relating to this project pleas...
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