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Unformatted text preview: html . The lectures (12 in total – see Course Schedule p18) will be at the following times and locations: Monday: 1100 am – 1230 pm in Law Theatre G04 Monday: 1500 pm‐1630 pm in CLB 7 You MUST attend the lecture that you are registered in as seating capacity in each lecture theatre is limited. You MUST enrol in one of the tutorials via This is the only way to do it. You can ONLY attend the tutorial in which you are enrolled. Tutors CANNOT and WOULD NOT change your tutorials. Remember that work commitment is not an acceptable reason for non‐attendance or change of tutorial class. Tutorials (11 in total) start in Week 2 (i.e., Week starting on March 7, 2011) and conclude in week 13 (Week starting on May 30, 2011). MARK1012 is a 6 credit point undergraduate subject. It is a core subject for the undergraduate marketing stream and has no pre‐ or co‐requisites. Marketing Fundamentals - MARK1012 S1 2011 2 Units of Credit Page 2.2 2.3 Overview of the course What exactly is marketing? Stated simply, marketing refers to everything that a firm needs to place its products, services or ideas in the hands of its potential customers. Stating more formally, marketing is concerned with the creation of ‘value’ and exchange of ‘values’ between marketers and their customers. This is reflected in its definition: marketing is the business function that determines customer needs, identifies target markets that the company can serve better than its competitors, designs marketing strategy and develops plans and programs to serve these markets effectively and efficiently. Since the basic purpose of business is to create customers, the way to grow a business is through marketing. This explains why marketing has often been equated with creativity and viewed as the most important function in business. Marketing is a dynamic and highly stimulating field of contemporary business studies and in this course you will be exposed to the “language of marketing” used by marketing managers, scholars and researchers. 2.4 Course aims and Relationship of this course to other courses The aim of MARK1012 is to provide you with an introduction to marketing concepts and explain the role of marketing in modern organisations and in the society. It intends to demonstrate to you how marketing contributes towards value creation by outlining the knowledge you would require to have as a marketing manager and explaining how you can apply that knowledge in real life business situations and problem solving. You would be familiar with the factors that influence marketing decision making in the firm and various frameworks used to conduct the activities constituting the organisation’s marketing function. You would gain an understanding of marketing as a business function and learn where it fits within the organization and how. In addition, the course would prepare you for further study across the broad spectrum of product, service, ideas, consumer, business‐to‐business, international and social marketing. These aims can only be fulfilled through a joint effort. While the teaching team would work towards stimulating your interest and learning, you must be proactive and take...
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