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Your tutors may comment on the following aspects of

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Unformatted text preview: and collaboration are encouraged. The marking criteria that will be applied for tutorial assessments are as follows: Content (contributes around 70 % to the case grade) Succinct overview of the case situation (use the case questions listed in the weekly schedule in the Tutorial Guide) Elaboration of options or solutions to the issues arising (not just one ‘answer’) Evidence of further research to more fully understand the case / solutions, including a update on the current situation (if a ‘real’ scenario and if available) Clear argument for the recommended solution of the case Must not exceed 600 words (max. 2 pages) and should be correctly referenced Must have an Assignment Cover Sheet, signed by each group member of the group. Marketing Fundamentals - MARK1012 S1 2011 Page 8 (a) Group Case Presentation: Presentation (around 30 % of the case grade) Equal sharing of the presentation amongst group members Engaging the audience – involvement, interest and relevance Clarity of any visual aids used (avoid lots of reading as audience will switch off) Acknowledgement of sources of information Time management (overall, and for each presenter – so practice before hand) Copy of Presentation Plan (one page; student names, timing. roles etc. for tutor) The case must be handed in to your tutor at the beginning of the tutorial you are scheduled to present (Comments may be provided by the tutor on things that were done well, created interest or were different, things that may need to be improved and written material; clarity (so readable and clear, referencing using Harvard style). If you are absent on the day you are scheduled to present your case or help lead the discussion, you will receive zero for this piece of assessment. ALL students should come prepared for every tutorial as your active participation is required. Table 4.3 (next page) presents the marking criteria for the case study. (b) Individual Tutorial Participation Attend all tutorial classes (arrive on time and do not excuse yourself before the class is complete). Take note of the formal 80% minimum attendance requirement of the university. If you do not achieve this you will be prevented from sitting the final exam in accordance with university guidelines. Join in discussions: bring examples from your own experience Listen attentively to the individual or group who has the ‘floor’. Complete all formal and informal tasks on time The level of general participation will moderate the group grade for the case presentation and the discussion. Your tutors may comment on the following aspects of your presentation 1. The things you did well in your presentation: 2. The things you could improve to deliver a better presentation: Marketing Fundamentals - MARK1012 S1 2011 Page 9 3. Additional general comments: Table 4.3 SAMPLE MARKING CRITERIA Presentation Checklist and Feedback Sheet Group Number:_______ Date:____/____/____ Grade:___ PS FL <50 65­ 74 75­ 84 HD DN CR 85­ 100 50­ 64 The ticks below indicate your standing with regard to each statement. A tick in the extreme left box mea...
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