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Unformatted text preview: HING ACTIVITIES 3.1 Approach to learning and teaching As a Marketing manager you would need many skills to meet the various challenges involved in the creation and exchange of ‘value’. You need to be flexible, creative and innovative; you must acquire the ability to work cooperatively, as the delivery of a ‘product’ requires both coordination and collaboration from within the organization and with other external players and actors in the market and its environment. Keeping these in view, the course has been structured to help develop and hone skills required “to create (and retain) a customer”. The learning environment emphasises (i) the development of a conceptual understanding of marketing, and (ii) application of this understanding through experiential learning activities. The lectures, tutorials and assessment tasks are designed to explore topics from different perspectives leading to a depth of understanding of core marketing concepts and current issues. You are encouraged to prepare through observation, additional reading, and actively searching for and accessing information on the topics discussed; to become more aware of and attuned to the environment, i.e., the world around you from a marketing perspective; to work cohesively within your tutorial group; and to plan and execute the various assessment tasks. These are generic skills that will help you with your future marketing subjects where there is a strong emphasis on team work and experience‐based learning. Student involvement in class activities has a strong link to favourable learning outcomes; active participation and a positive attitude are highly desirable. 3.2 Learning Activities and Teaching Strategies Each student is expected to attend one 1.5 hour lecture (for 12 weeks starting from February 28 and ending on 27 May) and one 1.5 hour tutorial per week throughout the entire semester (for 11 weeks starting from March 7 and ending on 3rd June). Please check the ‘Course Schedule (p. 18 of this document) for the actual lecture and tutorial dates. Marketing Fundamentals - MARK1012 S1 2011 Page The tutorials are designed to encourage a high level of student involvement. They enable you to explore and discuss the more challenging concepts, to become fluent in the use of marketing jargon and to learn through examples, research efforts and interaction with others. The tutorials will not be a repeat of the lecture. Your tutors will facilitate your 5 Presentation of basic concepts/theories through formal lectures, discussion in tutorial sessions and student work constitutes the primary mode of instruction. Lectures will provide frameworks for exploring the scope of marketing and various marketing concepts and theories supported with examples. You are expected to supplement and complement the formal lecture/tutorial materials by reading, thinking, discussing and debating, and by writing material. learning through face‐to‐face interaction with you. Discussion in the tutorial sessions, individual assignments, q...
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