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08_child_language_learning - Child language learning There...

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1 Child language learning There are general characteristics of child language learning Children appear to follow the same “learning program” Children progress regularly through similar stages of learning 1 Four characteristics of child language learning Four characteristics of learning are universal: Typicality Spontaneity Similarity from child to child Creativity 1.1 Typicality Children learn language typically: Learning language is the norm. It is not a rarity. Learning language is not universal to humans. There are exceptions: Physiological handicaps may prevent language learning Settings in which the child has no exposure to language may prevent learning. 1.2 Similarity of language learning Children learn language similarly—they go through the same stages regardless of which language they are learning: Babbling (6 months) First words (1 year) First grammatical morphemes (2 years) Basic mastery (4 years) Continued learning, especially of the lexicon (throughout life) 1.3 Spontaneity of language learning square4 Children learn language spontaneously. square4 There is innate motivation to learn language square4 No formal instruction is necessary 1.4 Creativity Children learning language are creative foots eated Jem a boy, not a girl. Mommy no beard.
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2 2 Stages in the learning of English Children learning English tend to go through certain predictable stages. These stages are characteristic of children learning other languages as well (though details will vary). 2.1 Language readiness Before the first words, there is evidence of readiness or preparation for language: Evidence of spontaneity Evidence of similarity
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