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Lab 5 - Carbon Dioxide Record(1)

Lab 5 - Carbon Dioxide Record(1) - N ame S ection G EO 11 L...

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Name: Section: GEO 11 – Lab 5 The Carbon Dioxide Record In this lab, we will be examining the carbon dioxide record. We will start with the long term record obtained from the Vostok Ice Core, then examine CO 2 levels from the past 60 years and will end with the annual record. Question 1. The Vostok ice core was drilled through thousands of meters of the Antarctic ice sheet. As of 2003, it is the longest ice core we have and provides us with a 600,000 year record of atmospheric composition. CO 2 gas trapped in bubbles throughout the ice core can be used to reconstruct a record of atmospheric CO 2 . For more information and a list of publications about the Vostok Ice Core Project, go to this website: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/paleo/icecore/antarctica/vostok/vostok.html The CO 2 data collected from the Vostok ice core is compiled the “vostok_CO2.xls” spreadsheet on iLearn. Use the “Vostok” spreadsheet to create a line graph. Be sure to include this graph when you turn in your lab.
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