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MMIS-580 - Database Systems Syllabus
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Unformatted text preview: 2011 Friends University 1 of 33 Online Graduate School MMIS 580 Database Systems Syllabus Course Editor Dr. Jason Ferguson Program Director 2011 Friends University 2 of 33 Course Description MMIS 580 Database Systems This course focuses around the core skills of identifying organizational information requirements, modeling them using conceptual data modeling techniques, converting the conceptual data model into relational data models and verifying its structural characteristics with normalization techniques, and implementing and utilizing a relational database using an industry-strength database management system. Techniques for managing the design and development of database systems, to include fundamentals of database architecture and database applications are also covered. One component of this course requires the student to plan, design, and implement a database application. Friends University Catalog - MMIS Program Overview Topical Outline Introduction to Database Environments Understanding Relational Databases Data Modeling Relational Database Design Application Development with Relational databases Managing Database Environments Course Outcomes Students will develop technical knowledge of the concepts, principles, issues, and techniques for managing data resources through research activities and practical application. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Explain the role of databases and database management systems in managing organizational data and information. 2. Examine the history of data management systems. 3. Compare database architectures. 4. Articulate database management technologies. 5. Create a database application to solve a business problem. 6. Use at least one conceptual data modeling technique (such as entity-relationship modeling) to capture the information for an enterprise domain. 7. Describe the purpose and principals of normalizing a relational database structure. 8. Compare key principles of data security and identify data security risk and violations in data management system design. 2011 Friends University 3 of 33 Course Policies Online Participation Participation online is expected throughout the course. Content areas may include discussions, written assignments, design components, project development, etc. Each course will be different depending on the assignments required. A class week is defined as seven days; Monday through Sunday All official university communication will be through your Friends University issued email account. Attendance Policy Weekly attendance is determined by activity during weekly sessions. A student is reported absent for a weekly session if they do not participate in activities during that week....
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