MAN2021 - Chapter 1 1 An organization is a social entity...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 1. An organization is a: social entity that is goal-directed and deliberately structured 2. When Gunter Thielen of Bertelsmann, the world's largest media company, decided to withdraw the company from its Internet enterprise, expand its marketing efforts in Eastern Europe, and merge its music business with Sony, he was performing the function of: organizing 3. The term bureaucracy : has a negative meaning in today's organization 4. According to Douglas McGregor, the classical perspective on management is consistent with which of the following? Theory X manager 5. Henry Ford used shadowy henchmen to run a secret police who spied on his employees. He believed the only way to keep his employees working was to maintain this private army. Ford was most likely a: Theory X manager 6. Manager's Shoptalk in Chapter 1 outlines all of the following issues would-be managers should consider except: The technical aspects of management 7. According to Benchmarking in Chapter 1, Asleep at the Wheel manager Peter Schwartz performs all of the following functions EXCEPT: criticizing employees 8. A manager's responsibility is to coordinate resources in a(n) ____ and ____ manner to accomplish the organization's goals. effective; efficient 9. Scenario - Martin Brooks The promotion to first-line manager took place just six weeks ago for Martin Brooks. He was well qualified for the promotion, but the new job still required a lot of learning. One of the challenges has been to coordinate the production of his team with the needs of the Sales Department and with the availability of raw materials from his suppliers. Setting priorities and developing schedules to accomplish the work is a part of Martin's job that he has really enjoyed. The challenges to maintain high rapport and to build a strong team with his employees have already brought him a lot of satisfaction. In reflecting about the last six weeks, Martin concludes that he is very happy about his new job. Refer to the scenario above. Martin was participating in the decisional role of: resource allocator 10. Since not-for-profit organizations do not have a conventional ____, managers may struggle with the question of what constitutes results and effectiveness....
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MAN2021 - Chapter 1 1 An organization is a social entity...

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