Practice Midterm 1

Practice Midterm 1 - must the coe±cient of static friction...

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Introduction to Mechanics and Thermodynamics C1401 Fall 2004 Midterm 1 (10/12/03) There are 75 minutes permitted for the complete examination. Use the exam book for your answers. Do not discuss the exam at any time. The exam is closed book, but you are allowed to bring one letter size note sheet which must be an original copy (no Xeroxes) in your handwriting. The note sheet must be handed in with the exam blue book. For full credit, please answer the questions in a transparent way. Note that points will be subtracted if units are missing in the calculations or the ±nal result, and if an excessive number of insigni±cant ±gures is given. Good luck ! (Page 1 of 3)
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Problem 1 (10 points) A small object is placed 13.0 cm from the center of a phonograph turntable. When the table rotates at 33 1 3 revolutions per minute, the object remains on the table, but at 45 revolutions per minute, it slides oF. Between what limits
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Unformatted text preview: must the coe±cient of static friction μ s between object and turntable lie ? Problem 2 (10 points) ²igure 1 shows a block of mass m = 15 . 0 kg hanging from three strings. Calculate the tensions in the three strings. (Page 2 of 3) Problem 3 (10 points) Two blocks of mass m 1 = 5 . 0 kg and m 2 = 2 . 0 kg are supported by the system of pulleys and strings shown in the Fgure below. Mass m 1 is at rest at height h = 0 . 8 m above the ground when the system is released. At what speed will m 1 hit the ground ? Neglect the mass of the strings and pulleys, the friction in the pulleys, and any drag forces. Problem 4 (10 points) A chain of length L = 26 cm and mass m = 14 g is held on a frictionless table with a third of its length hanging over the edge. How much work is required to pull the hanging part back onto the table ? (Page 3 of 3)...
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Practice Midterm 1 - must the coe±cient of static friction...

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