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Add the standing field from the student info then

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Unformatted text preview: y. Table 6.1 shows a summary of the types of queries and their purpose, with a few examples. For a more detailed description, search Access Help for “About types of queries” and read all information about all types of queries. That information is required reading and is posted in the secure website for this course. Query type Use Example Select Most common type. Retrieves All queries in this workshop. specific data from one or more tables and displays them where they can be edited. Can group data and calculate sums, averages, and several other summary characteristics of each group. Parameter Basis to populate reports and A query that prompts the user to forms. enter student Standing, and returns the number of students that meet the criterion. Crosstab Creates a table with summary Display the total expenditures for values by two grouping fields. April 01 by each level of Standing. Action: Delete Delete records from one or more Delete all records about a student tables. from the database. Action: Update Modifies fields and records that Change area code of phone numbers match certain criteria. because of rezoning by phone company. Action: Append Appends records from one table Add records to a table after importing to another. them into a temporary table from an Excel worksheet. 15 Workshop 6: MS Office Access and NeoOffice Action: Make ­Table SQL Retrieves and manipulates information from one or several tables and creates a new table. Writes advanced, general, cross ­ platform queries. Create a table with the data for the student removed from the other tables, for historic purposes. Send commands directly to the database server. Automate complex operatio...
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